100wc oliver

The creature is night coloured, the size of a very small human. It has black razor sharp teeth that can crush bricks, a colossal tail which glows bright green . Flesh is its favourite food. It can swallow deer whole. It has a spiky shell made out of metal. It can pick up a house that weighs ten million grams . It crushes houses and has feet the size of dustbin lids . You can’t see it in the dark because it’s the same colour. If you get caught you can’t escape because in a few seconds you will be in its stomach.


3 thoughts on “100wc oliver

  1. What a horrible sounding creature Oliver! Your description really paints a clear and vivid picture in my mind – this is something I definitely don’t want to meet.

    Great writing,

    Mr Connor
    Team 100wc

  2. what a weird creature you really painted a picture in my mind of what the creature is like I would not like to meet him rs

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