Bat snake

Gliding and swooping gracefully through the air, the venomous Bat -snake snatches lost children and drags them to its lair. Bat- snake eats the children whole. Bat –snake is purple normally depending on his mood. He kills people with his electricity which comes out of his wings. He’s in a cage he bites his tail to get more energy. (Anyone idiotic enough would stroke him and die!) If you look at him you would see your worst nightmare. If you argue with him he will pull you away and kill you. Now you no to never stroke a snake or a bat .
By J.Mc


2 thoughts on “Bat snake

  1. Excellent writing!
    You described the Bat-Snake wonderfully, from its appearance to its behaviour. I loved how the beginning ‘gliding and swooping gracefully’ made the creature sound beautiful, but then how we soon realise that it is actually quite a terrifying beast that catches children!
    Well done!
    Mrs Rowland ( Team 100wc)

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