tilly 100wc the night zoo

Down in the swamp below the Night Zoo, was a terrifying evil house with the most gruesome room. Cob webs galore, you could never return after going in there. Hidden in the dirtiest corner of the swamp was the most colossal gloomy eyed monster of a lizard. With a scaled mouldy back and spikes like electric fences or massive stinging nettles, they protruded angrily. He eats the most disgusting worms that dare to wriggle in. The kitchen was just the same with slime falling off as fast as a racing car coming past and beasts were crawling around eating all the dirt.


3 thoughts on “tilly 100wc the night zoo

  1. I enjoyed reading your 100WC this week Tilly. Your description was vivid and I could picture your monster clearly. I especially enjoyed the word ‘protruded’. To make it even better make sure you stay in the same tense all the way through as you have have changed from the past to the present. It will just help the reader know when it is happening. Keep up the great work Tilly.

    Mrs McGuiness (Team 100WC)

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