The weeping angel 100wc by George

Two scarlet eyes flickered in the corner of the rotting night zoo. Some heavy stone wings appeared in the lime stone wall. If you look into its fearsome eyes you will turn to stone the only way to stay alive is eat the golden lotus flower .she flies effetely through the star lit sky as silently as a bird of prey .only children are spared from being turned to stone. Instead they die an agonising death of being eaten and adults turn into more weeping angels 3 hours after being turned to stone but they can be saved if you push the flower down the throat .


8 thoughts on “The weeping angel 100wc by George

  1. Hello George,
    The weeping angel is an eerily intriguing creature. Your word choice is descriptive and unique. The concept of a golden lotus flower to reverse the impending doom the weeping angel brings is a fascinating detail in the story.
    Be certain to check your spelling and your sentence structure when you are writing. Working on your grammar will make your stories easier to understand and then share with others.
    I appreciate your rare and peculiar character creation. I can tell you spent time and effort to explain her motivations and evil purpose.

  2. Hey George its me tazer v and i love the description you have used I can really picture it in my mind and on a doctor who episode good luck. by taylorv good luck at primary 🙂

  3. Hi Taylor
    How super to see you popping back and commenting on your friends work, that’s really helpful and supportive.
    We hope secondary school is ok for you, of pop back again soon.
    Miss T

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