imageat stockbridge we have peer mentors. they help people when they are sad every peer mentor is in clatford i just thought i would let you know!


roman baths

In november our class is going to the roman baths, we are taking the train from greatly station it will take a few hours getting there but that dosen’t matter we get to do some work shops. it’s going to be so much fun and we have inset day before we go on the trip so it will be so cool from the class bloggers


Today my class did science, and we learned about dissolving, when we did it we had sweets and they were mints and skittles and we tried and saw what was the fastest out of them.The slowest was the mint because we were spining the mint around with a spoon, and the skittles took long but not as long as the mints but we got there eventally.Me and Rosie were doing an experment on the mints and the skittles.Andat the end we got to eat the sweetes.


At are school we have lots of fun clubs and they are really cool one of them is art club it is where we make lots of things mostly about christmas but is’s still really fun from the class bloggers


i can’t wait until the 20th of december because we are going to see a pantomine and the pantomine is… snow white ! yay im really exited i could just explode ! it’s going to be awesome from the class bloggers

Indoor Olympics

Yesturday after school some of the year 5s and 6s went to Test Valley and competed in the Indoor Olympics. There was 6 other schools there.  We had to do javalin,  speed jump, beanbag throw (me and Amelie together got 245 points!), chest throw, long jump, triple jump, and over head throw.  At the end the girls and the boys competed in a relay race and we came 1st in it.

We actually came 2nd! Only Lockerley beat us and it was really close.

By Jennifer