The bullet

The bullet

Suddenly out of nowhere a gorilla man jumped out of a window which shattered to pieces when his head smacked against it. Running as fast as they could the two spies’ followed him. After one blink gorilla man had despaired. With a shiny pistol the spy turned around because he heard a big SNAP!! Gorilla man sprinted dangerously out of nowhere. The spy shot gorilla man but it only made things worse. Gorilla man snatched the pistol and pounded the spies on the head. Gorilla man ran home quickly and fixed his house.

By J.Mc


100 word challenge

This week the 100 word challenge is a little different. Look at the website to see the beginning of a comic strip. You need to write the next chapter for the story, including the introduction of a new character. You also need to draw a picture of the character to accompany the writing, you can do this by bringing me a picture to put onto the blog with your post.
Miss T

Hello and goodbye

We have had lots of comings and goings this half term with families moving in and out of the area. Today we said ‘goodbye and good luck’ to Rhiannnon and Annabelle and wish them well in their new school. I know they will be keeping in touch as they have been super bloggers this year! And this week we have already said ‘welcome’ to Alex who has joined our year 4 group.

100wc catie

Dear children of the Philippines we have all heard about the disaster that struck recently caused by the Typhoon Haiyan ,
Don’t fret if you haven’t already had it aid is on the way even if you live on a remote island. Soon your life will be back to normal with your family’s . Your life is a ruin at the moment but not for much longer .All the aid we send comes from our hearts we are sending blankets, water, purification tablets, food and water thank the Dec committee
All our hope Stockbridge primary

the philippines 100wc megan

Dear children, who have been hit by the Typhoon. You do not need to worry about it because help is on the way. I bet you feel really scared, but don’t be. Aid will give you blankets, water, tablets, food and medicine. Charities are raising money for you, and will also help you to get out of trouble. More than ten thousand people died, but don’t think that you will die. The DEC is sending out lots of charities to help you. You will be safe, do not worry!

100 wc Philippines by tilly

Dear children
I know how sickening it must be losing your houses, but don’t worry lots of aid is on the way. Although the fierce Typhoon Haiyan has stopped and your families might of gone. Help is on the way! You will each receive your own pack of: blankets water purification tablets, food, blankets, medicine and water. Don’t worry , you’re not the only people that have got caught up in the storm because the Typhoon Haiyan has spread . Lynx helicopters and HMS Daring are coming just for you! We hope you are safe and sound and that you have a brighter future.

100 word challenge The Terrifying Typhoon By Jennifer

A letter in a bottle.
Dear children.
I have heard about the devastation you have suffered after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. Help, including food, drink, medicine, blankets and water purification tablets are on their way. Meanwhile you must continue to care for your siblings despite the terrifying circumstances. A warship called HMS Daring and several lynx helicopters are going round to remote islands bringing aid. We will keep providing you with everything you need until you are safe. If you can survive until then you will eventually get a new tent.
Don’t worry. Everything will be ok. We won’t forget you.

The philippines 100wc holly

Dear all the children who have been hit by the typhoon you don’t need to worry about the devastating stuff. Eventually your homes will be saved and help will be outside your doorstep. Although you probably don’t think you will make it we have got a store of things for you such as blankets, water food and medicine. I am very devastated of what has happened but I am sure we are on are way. We will have lots of aid and water. We might even have tents as well. But do not worry help is on its way for you lot.