Remember my hero -J.Mc

Remember my hero
I got to the church. I started to cry. My family and I heard a bang. We had two minutes silence. I thought what would happen without the one my family loved the most. Another BANG! It made everyone jump. I cried again. My mum said “don’t worry everything will be all right”. I thought he would always be beside me. We prayed. I cried again and my sisters did as well. On the way home we were so sad all we did was cried .will I die the same way he did?


3 thoughts on “Remember my hero -J.Mc

  1. Hello Jace, I really enjoyed reading this challenge. I like the way you have set your writing in a church as that is where many people go to remember those they have lost. Adding the interruptions of the bangs adds a dramatic quality to the scene. Well done!

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