Christmas Fun






P1030187For the Christmas Fair we worked with mums from FOSS to make some Christmas crafts.


Roman Day







To end our Roman topic we had a Roman day. We dressed up as Romans, baked Roman biscuits, learnt a little Latin and played Roman games.

100 word challenge Master class By Jennifer

Master class

Strolling along under the golden setting sun Emma and Dave were very happy because Egypt was so peaceful.
When they had been rambling for fifteen minutes they fell into a gloomy well but fortunatly it was empty. What was the use of an empty well?
Shivering nervously they took a few steps forward towards a dim candle. It uncovered a tunnel.
As soon as they got to the end they noticedd that they had found Picassos secret studio!
Picasso spun around to face the intruders.
By the end of the day both Emma and Dave were marvellous painters.
Nowadays, they are famous.
By Jennifer 🙂

100 word challenge Caught red handed-Jace

Skidding down the street two spies got their out their magnifying glass’s out and sprinted to Leanardo’s door.
While running to the door they hered a scream . Scurreing upstairs they heard a BANG! They ran into a room which was full of paints.

Rushing and folloing another scream down stairs the two spies saw a man run out of the door quickly. While running the two spies got their sleeping gas out and frew a gas bomb to make him sleep. Strugling to get the man in the man van one of the spies told Leanardo every thing will be alright.

The bus 100wc Holly.w

Out of nowhere at sunset a bus came crashing into the famous artists house. The artist got so angry and trouble was by the door. When the artist opened his door and saw the bus on its side.

Through the corner of his eye he saw the bus had ruind his studio. Because of that he couldnt have any more shows and the world might not have any more art.

Before very long the artist through the bus driver into an art room. They came across a portal and were never seen again. Nobody new if they fell in or not.

A Surprise by tilly 100 wc

Screaming,the shiny car skidded around Picklo pobabs art studio twenty times untill it came to a stop. Suddenly two detective spys climbed out of the car. Even though the spys had never been in the studio they still went in to explore.

Thier eyes were almost startled at the sight they saw beacause Picklo wasn’t working on a new master piece. He was making moaning and groaning noises lying on the floor.
They thought they would leave picklo to suffer whilst they made there way upstairs.

Soon they felt themselves in a magnificent paint factory all there dreams became realities.

The magic paintbrush!

The sun rose as it usally did on the morning of christmas eve,Emily strolled down the corridor and tripped on what she on what she thought was a twig.As Emily stood up she noticed that it was not a twig but infact a paintbrush,Emily picked it up and examined the golden bristles.She took it back to her room and started to paint on the wall,when Emily eventually finished she realised that her picture of a golden bird had dissapeared off the wall and an actuall bird had apeared on the bedside table.She suddenlly ducked down as the bird flew out of the open window into the summer breeze of the day.

The peculiar myistory megan

As time went it got darker and darker, until the muderer ditectives herd a Meaow outside the studio. They both Knew exactly what it was but when they followed it the, window smashed until there was a breathtaking scream. When they followed the fluffy pussy cat, the tiny little paw prints lead into a very pink room that had silver and gold tiares also a very very comfy pink bed. The cat kept on meaowing because the pussy cat belonged to the princess. When the two dictectives looked out of the hand- printed window they saw a beautiful princess lying dead on the floor.

The Mystery

The mystery

The murder alarm went off and I immediately froze completely as the general burst in. Without a pause he shouted, “There has been a serious murder! I have heard that Elvis Presley has been poisoned! I have decided it will be you Phillip who will be going to solve it!
I was so exited(because it was my first mission) I sprinted to the door and launched myself into the car then drove the location of the murder!
After a while I drove to an old mansion went inside then realised that I forgot to put batteries in my satnav therefore I was at the wrong destination there was nothing but simple paints!


Suddenly Pablo Picasso the famous painter leaped out of the bosh and ran into his studio and sat down on the chair and started to paint.
Picasso was so into painting he did not notice that a robber was stealing some of his finest paintings. Suddenly Pablo ran outside very quickly.
Pablo look round at the robber and the robber had a painting and a knife and stabbed Pablo. Pablo fell to the floor. Immediately the robber got into his car and drove of ………