The bus 100wc Holly.w

Out of nowhere at sunset a bus came crashing into the famous artists house. The artist got so angry and trouble was by the door. When the artist opened his door and saw the bus on its side.

Through the corner of his eye he saw the bus had ruind his studio. Because of that he couldnt have any more shows and the world might not have any more art.

Before very long the artist through the bus driver into an art room. They came across a portal and were never seen again. Nobody new if they fell in or not.


One thought on “The bus 100wc Holly.w

  1. An interesting idea, Holly. I like the idea of the portal, an interesting way of finishing your writing. Your sentences are all quite short, look back and see how many connectives you have included, you will be able to see if you read your writing aloud.
    Miss T

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