The magic paintbrush!

The sun rose as it usally did on the morning of christmas eve,Emily strolled down the corridor and tripped on what she on what she thought was a twig.As Emily stood up she noticed that it was not a twig but infact a paintbrush,Emily picked it up and examined the golden bristles.She took it back to her room and started to paint on the wall,when Emily eventually finished she realised that her picture of a golden bird had dissapeared off the wall and an actuall bird had apeared on the bedside table.She suddenlly ducked down as the bird flew out of the open window into the summer breeze of the day.


3 thoughts on “The magic paintbrush!

  1. Catie, I really like your idea this week, it is possibly my favourite. You have added just enough description to make it interesting to read, your final sentence works really well, good work.
    Miss T

  2. Hello Catie, I love the way the painting changes and the bird comes alive. Some super images, my favourite is ‘golden bristles’. Well done. Next time, use description of the character’s feelings.
    Mrs Fairburn (Team 100WC – West Yorkshire, England.)

  3. Catie, What a great 100WC entry.
    You have thought creatively and developed an original story plot! You are clearly imaginative and descriptive in your writing. I love thy way you have made the beginning of the story sound as though nothing ‘extraordinary’ would happen!
    Remember to always read back and edit your work and i hope you enter 100WC again soon.

    Mrs Goulbourne, Team 100WC, Liverpool, UK

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