The peculiar myistory megan

As time went it got darker and darker, until the muderer ditectives herd a Meaow outside the studio. They both Knew exactly what it was but when they followed it the, window smashed until there was a breathtaking scream. When they followed the fluffy pussy cat, the tiny little paw prints lead into a very pink room that had silver and gold tiares also a very very comfy pink bed. The cat kept on meaowing because the pussy cat belonged to the princess. When the two dictectives looked out of the hand- printed window they saw a beautiful princess lying dead on the floor.


2 thoughts on “The peculiar myistory megan

  1. Megan, you have tried hard to be descriptive and describe the picture that you had in your head but how does this link to the picture prompt? You seem to have gone off too much on a tangent, make sure your writing matches the prompt in future.
    Miss T

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