Forest Forge Theatre

Today we had our first session with the Forest Forge Theatre group. It was a ‘getting to know you’ session where we played some games and began to develop some improvisations. Next time we will begin to develop a drama piece on evacuations and evacuees which will all lead into our leading the Curtain Raiser at the production in the theatre in Andover in March.
The pictures show us creating the shape and movement of a vehicle, can you guess what we are each trying to represent?




Potato wedges

We returned from our day out at Riverford with bags of fruit and vegetables and spent the afternoon cooking. We decided that sweet potato wedges would be the quickest any easiest things to make….they were delicious!

Planting Lettices

On Tusday28the of January Clatford class planted lettices at stockbrige primary school.We got the lettices from riverford near Sutton Scotney.The lettice are butter lettices and they are still baby lettices.Did you ever think there where diffrent types of lettice I did not khow because there too much we even had to tack some home.


In the news

Today we had a fabulous day. As part of our learning about World War 2 and the Dig for Victory campaign we visited Riverford Farm to find out about farming today on a grand scale. We were most excited by the chickens…….about 1500 free range chicken all running towards us for food!, planting lettuces in the enormous poly tunnels and carrying out our own rationed food selection. We made sweet potato wedges at school in the afternoon with the sweet potatoes from our goodie bags. And equally exciting was the presence of BBC South Today who filmed and interviewed us for the 6.30 news this evening. Another brilliant day at Stockbridge!

Well done!


A very big well done to you for your 100 word challenge entries this week.  Read through the fantastic feedback you are getting and feel proud of your achievements.  Taking that extra time to edit and improve your work has really paid off, well done.  Now we need to use that same level of effort in everything else!

Miss T

The Delicious Custard

Across the crystal clear sea there was a tropical island with the evening sun shining on the coconut trees. When the sun set on the sapphire sea, there appeared the most stunning girl in the moonlight. As she walked across the shore, she bent down on the soaking sand and drank the salty, disgusting sea water . When she had finished drinking, her friend the lemur found a bowl full of custard. It looked like sticky, sweet sap from a mango tree and the custard tasted like crunchy, juicy green apples. She had never tasted that sort of custard before but it was delicious!

By MR.

mirandas cabbage custard

It was a hot day, and the sun was beaming down, miranda was making cabbage custerd miranda loved cabbage custard”I think age the custard could taste like cabbage.”she said to herself. Once she made a whole bowl, of cabbage cusrard,she ate a quarter of the cabbage custard.Once she had finished her bowl, she went on a long walk.When she came back she ate another quater.But when she finished, she went on another long walk but when she came back it was bedtime for her but straight in the morning she ate all of i!GONE!She had burped alot and she never burped BEFORE!! FROM AMELIEW