The banana custard- J.Mc

The sun was hotter than hot. Joe could feel his skin peeling and sweat running down his back.
He saw the crystal clear water gleaming in the sun, and he jumped right in. The calm refreshing
Water made Joe swim around. So his face had a nice cool breeze. Joe swam under the water
And saw a custard pot. He was so warm that he swam down to the bottom and grabbed the pot and swam to the surface. Joe peeled the lid off gently and ate the custard. The custard tasted like thick
Creamy bananas and it was smooth and cold.


One thought on “The banana custard- J.Mc

  1. Jace, I love your word choices which enable me to see the picture of your writing in my mind. I could feel the sun “hotter than hot”!
    You are very good at writing compound sentences but remember if you use a second ‘and’ in a sentence, it can become clumsy so think about making two simple sentences or using a comma or semi colon instead.
    This is a really good 100 word challenge. Well done!

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