The custard by Oliver

The golden sun beamed down on a small boy called Jim. He lived in an old little house on a stony rough beach. He was doing a run for charity and was really excited. An hour later he was on the peaceful beach at the starting line. A man stood up and said “Ready Steady Go!” Jim jogged across the wet soft sand. The sea was splashing against the rocks. Suddenly, he saw a custard stand and he was so hungry that he went over to it. Jim got a colossal bowl and the custard tasted like the most delicious banana he had ever eaten.


5 thoughts on “The custard by Oliver

  1. I really like the detail in your writing Oliver and I’m going to show it to the children in my year two class to inspire their 100 word challenge entries. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing!

  2. Well done Oliver I like your story because you have used some good discription like the golden sun beamed down on the small boy. Well done!
    B y J.Mc

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