The Kiling cake by b.c

Fearful for his life, in 2014 Beau was sitting by the beach when wonderful McQuacker duck survent brout a delicious looking cake. However it was not just any cake it was a killing cake! If beau took one bite out of it he would feal very noushs and die! Beau and duck did not know this! Just then Beau took one bite out of it and said“ Help me whats going on? No, No’’ Beau died! Then Mcqakur rememberd about the custard medicine. He got and it and poured it into Beaus mouth Beau woke up and said ‘’yuk what was that? The custard tasted like medicine, mcqakur said “ yes it is” but just then he died again because he triped over and fell on a sharp stone and killed himself…!


One thought on “The Kiling cake by b.c

  1. What a tragic tale! It seems like he was just meant to die in your story. I loved the name you gave him – it certainly made me smile. A really good effort and hope to read more of your writing soon.

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