Next week we are going to Beaulieu. image Ben wanted to share this photo.  We probably won’t see the motor museum as we are going to be learning about spies, the secret service and their role in the end of world war 2.

Look out for information about it next week!

Miss T


Incoming train HL

Although we thought moles were cute, in a cave on an island nearly fifteen mole trains were being used by moles to take food under a jungle, to feed hundreds of moles. They have a king called “earth”. Some moles are scared but this is very nice, he had made that no one has broken. Most food that moles eat was up trees so they pushed through the earth then token any tree underground. They token many trees but no animal notice. Soddenly a spaceship landed on a train, the moles were shock as a monster appeared…

Our cricket training by georgia n

On Wednesday 26th February Clatford had cricket training. We first did some catching to practise our throwing skills and then threw the ball and jumped over it.After we played a quick game of seeing how many times we could catch the ball we all did amasingly well.Then we had another game of it and there was 2 winners.We split in to 3 groups the 2 winners at the front of the line and another person too.There was diffrent couler cones and we playd a game whith a ball and them.

we had a lovely time.




nuclear worm rampage morgan

It was just a normal day in small Oakwood valley, something fishy was going on. There was a pause then a rumble as “it” was pushing through the earth, the nuclear earth worm was here. It snaffled anything in its path including an old man who had just crossed the road, he had been eaten. The nuclear waste worm was once a normal worm until the toxic waste spilled, it leaked into his body, causing him to grow and become a man-eating worm. He rose and began to search for a restaurant to eat. The people from Oakwood valley began to panic because no one ever caught him.

George 100wc

On one very unusual day in the middle of summer there was a man who decided he wanted to dig as far down as he could. When he started he was going strong but he slowed, every hour he started to slow and soon it was getting dark; if he was to stay he would be eaten by who knows what. That morning when he got up he rushed outside and found that not only was there no one around but a massive hole he must have magically pushed through the earth .

100wc The Threat By Tilly

I was starving. I had been waiting for ages, anxiously trying to hide from the fierce and powerful Germans. All I had was family and my diary named ‘Kitty’ and a wireless. Gradually the wireless was turned on by my mother. Winston Churchill was making one of his long speeches. He softly said that meetings were held across the country to find an answer to the war. Spies were told to go and investigate what was happening. Meanwhile more and more people were creeping into the secret hiding place that me and my family were in. It was starting to get quite full. I then saw a shadow in the distance …..

ww2 by bc

Dear Diary,
All of the villagers fled to the church where the vicar had a wireless. Everyone sat down and listened to the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. He said’’ everyone listen meetings are being held all over the country to find answers if we are go to invade the Germans. Everyone was relieved by this news it was amazing finally everyone new they now were safe we all went home and I wanted it to all be over mum and dad where putting up the blackout blinds finally it was tea time for tea it was potatoes and peas. I ate my tea really quickly because I wanted to read my holy bible.

112 word challange !

Dear Diary
Today meetings where held across the country to find an answer to all of the rumours that war was being declared. I was waiting patiently in my room while my mum and dad argued about what was going to happen, I was petrified so much that I was biting my nails and wondering what to do. After what seemed like hours on end, I decided to go downstairs. I picked up the wireless, turned the knobs and started to listen to Neville Chamberlain declaring war.

So that’s what I wrote when my teacher asked me to write a diary and imagine I was a little girl finding out about war.

chased by Germans by oliver

“Run!” shouted Dad, “The Germans are chasing us!” Anxi ously, I ran round the shop corner. It was horrible being chased by the German soldiers who were chasing us because my dad interrupted their meeting about how to invade England. Suddenly Dad held my hand and dragged me down a hole. I saw the Germans run past us. Dad took me to his office then he told me to push a bookcase out of the way. Behind the bookcase was a door. I went inside the dusty old door. ”Get in Dad, I can hear the Germans coming!” We locked the door. Meetings were held all over the country to find us…