Enemy attack HL

1885. Although there was a blackout because of a storm in Britain, Palo and his father, Bruce, jumped into their boat and set off to where their nets were to see if they had caught any fish to sell. On the way to the nets, all they could see was water and that made them so nervous.
“Canon fire!” shouted Bruce as the boat sank, trapping Palo and Bruce. Sinking under the waves Palo got out of the boat and headed to the surface where he suddenly had a blackout. He woke up hungry and scared that he’d been found by the UK soldiers.


2 thoughts on “Enemy attack HL

  1. Harrison
    What can I say? This is fab! I love the start where you have just put the date so that I immediately know that this is a historical story. Choosing characters that you are reading about is a great idea and I am really impressed by the way you have created an original story using these characters.
    This is JUST what we knew you were capable of, keep it up!
    Miss T

  2. I like the way you have written in the past! well done! good use of punctuation also!

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