5 spiecs by Arron

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer. They were looking for stealth, speed, strength and smartness. The world was in danger and only spies could stop it. From World War 2, cameras all over the world were looking for spies. But the spy collage had only 5 people it hidden but the army found it and said you have to stop the war. They all had secret identity names were silent eagle was the captain brain boy was the smart one slow cheater the stealthy one fast fly, speedy one killer cat was the strong one in the middle of the night and smothered Adolf Hitler that was an adventure!


One thought on “5 spiecs by Arron

  1. Well this was an interesting story, I would liked to have seen some punctuation between the spy names. I think you could have describe each character in a little more detail if possible.

    I like the link to the World War 2, the whole point of spies were that they were undetectable.

    Good Jon

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