chased by Germans by oliver

“Run!” shouted Dad, “The Germans are chasing us!” Anxi ously, I ran round the shop corner. It was horrible being chased by the German soldiers who were chasing us because my dad interrupted their meeting about how to invade England. Suddenly Dad held my hand and dragged me down a hole. I saw the Germans run past us. Dad took me to his office then he told me to push a bookcase out of the way. Behind the bookcase was a door. I went inside the dusty old door. ”Get in Dad, I can hear the Germans coming!” We locked the door. Meetings were held all over the country to find us…


2 thoughts on “chased by Germans by oliver

  1. I love the opening of your story, Oliver, you have jumped right into the heart of the action by starting with speech. I also like the way you have managed to write a complete story in the 100words, that’s sometimes tricky isn’t it! Well done also for using things you have learnt about to inspire your writing, again that’s a great place to start.
    Miss T

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