Invasion by Jennifer

Dear Diary,
Today Italy is being invaded. Millions of German soldiers are marching menacingly through our country. German bombers are soaring overhead and every time they drop a bomb the world seems to shake and shiver. War is raging on, and very soon I will have to join Italy’s soldiers to fight for the rights of my own country.
We have to beat them, but how? Meetings are being held across the country to find an answer but I don’t know if they will find one soon enough. Our enemies have already demolished our streets, destroyed our villages, and they won’t stop there, I bet.
Love Lucia xxx


4 thoughts on “Invasion by Jennifer

  1. Jennifer –

    What a chilling story. The way that you have used the present tense and the first person really bring your reader into the story and make them worried with you. Your vocabulary is also excellent – “soaring”, “menacingly”, “shake and shiver” – all brought your writing to life.

    Excellent work,


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  3. Georgia n I liked the way you had lots of powerful words like soaring menacingly and shake and shiver well done.

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