My life by holly.w 100wc

Last Saturday I was sat having my breakfast when the wireless brought my attention to Winston Churchill making an important speech. He was going on about World War Two. He said that meetings are being held across the country to find an answer that will stop Germans invading. So they said that they have decided to set up as many cameras as possible around the country so the Germans would be spotted if they came and entered Britain. But I disagreed and I thought there should just be a prison for all the Germans. However, years later the war ended and all of this was forgotten and life was peaceful again.


2 thoughts on “My life by holly.w 100wc

  1. HI Holly,
    This is a very historical response to the 100WC and I think there would have been many, many meetings to strategise and plan during the War. You test reads well and you have done a great job with your spelling. Maybe have another look at your ending – could you have ended it another way?
    Keep writing and sharing!
    Mary (Australia Team 100WC)

  2. Oops Holly, that was meant to say TEXT not TEST! You did better with your spelling than I did!!
    Mary (Australia Team 100WC)

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