World war two was a treacherous time nothing but madness, no one was thinking, it was nothing but war! I’ve heard a story of a family who lived in world war two, I can tell you if you like. It was dark times, dark times. Back then the sky was blacker than black and often you couldn’t see the sky, just German aeroplanes. On Tottenham Court somewhere in London there was a small family of Jew’s in a house. They had been hiding away from the Germans in the house so they would not be killed. When they were at the table waiting for their dad to knock on the door there was the knock they had been waiting for. They opened the door to find their dad with his hands up and 20 German soldiers behind him!


One thought on “war

  1. This is a super response to the prompt this week, you have tried hard to create the feeling of terror and suspense in your writing. I especially like the detail you have included eg Totenham Court road and the sky was blacker than black. My only thought is that your opening sentence is a bit muddled, I can see what you are wanting to say but it doesn’t quite work, read it back and see how you could improve it.
    Miss T

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