ww2 by bc

Dear Diary,
All of the villagers fled to the church where the vicar had a wireless. Everyone sat down and listened to the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. He said’’ everyone listen meetings are being held all over the country to find answers if we are go to invade the Germans. Everyone was relieved by this news it was amazing finally everyone new they now were safe we all went home and I wanted it to all be over mum and dad where putting up the blackout blinds finally it was tea time for tea it was potatoes and peas. I ate my tea really quickly because I wanted to read my holy bible.


3 thoughts on “ww2 by bc

  1. Ben
    I can see how you have included lots of ideas from the different books and stories you have read and heard about life during the war, what a great idea. You also use some vocabulary of the time eg wireless, black out blinds.
    There are a few places where your punctuation is missing, can you see where it might be?
    Miss T

  2. Hi Ben, well done for entering the 100WC this week, there were almost 1200 entries!
    * You have created a life-like scene with your description and vocabulary of that time in history.
    * You have also used the prompt really well and just plonked it on the end as an after thought!
    # Maybe next time, you could take a few minutes to read your work back and check that your punctuation is accurate. Sometimes we get carried away with the story and forget about the punctuation, so it’s always worth having a read of your work when you’ve finished writing.
    Well done and keep writing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team) Wirral, UK.

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