Our cricket training by georgia n

On Wednesday 26th February Clatford had cricket training. We first did some catching to practise our throwing skills and then threw the ball and jumped over it.After we played a quick game of seeing how many times we could catch the ball we all did amasingly well.Then we had another game of it and there was 2 winners.We split in to 3 groups the 2 winners at the front of the line and another person too.There was diffrent couler cones and we playd a game whith a ball and them.

we had a lovely time.





8 thoughts on “Our cricket training by georgia n

  1. Hi, I’m Nicola from Skeld Primary school
    you look like your having fun outside in the sun
    Where about in England is Stockbridge?

  2. Hi Stockbridge

    thank you for your lovely comments on our blog we really enjoyed reading them

    when I was reading one of your posts we noticed you were Clatford class I was wondering if that was the name of your classroom like we are primary 4-7 classroom? if so what age group are you?
    – Hermione
    skeld primary school

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