More AMAZING mathletes!

Another massive congratulations to our mathletes of the week who have all achieved another bronze certificate.  Well done to Amelie, Harrison, George M, Jennifer, Oliver and Arron.  And a stupendous well done to Cameron for achieving a score of over 8000, you are brilliant!


Alex 100wc

I would like to be a nightzookeeper because I am looking forward to the epic journeys.  Slashing your sword at those nasty beasties and send them where they belong.  It is also good to be a zoo keeper because you can get to say hello to them and feed them and look after them.   You even get to sometimes know the animal’s names.  And you also get to stand up to the animals and save them.  So it’s good to be a zoo keeper, because you get payed, liked and get to have some fun.

Tilly 100wc

Nasty beasts can be caught if you choose me.

I am the person for the job!

Got run aways?  Then just call.

Help can be on the way.

Tired or want a rest? Then call for me.

Zebras or any other animal I catch.

Of course it will be easy if you pick me.

Our time can not be wasted.

Keep the animals safe and  you’ll be fine.

Eccept all the mistakes.

Explain and help all the animals.

Please let me get the job.

Excellent behaviour if you choose me.


Cameron 100wc

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I would like to protect the animals, just think:  no night zoo, no mystical and magical animals.  That’s why you need me, I would protect them from the filthy monsters of Nilth.  Also the awesome adventures; wouldn’t it be amazing to travel in time with the time travelling elephants and fly on an eagle to the flying mountians?  I don’t ant to see all the animals go, especially the penguins, they’re my favourite!  We would be one united team and fight until every monster perishes.  Do you want to see the night zoo go?

Beau 100wc

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I could defeat all the nasty Nilth and save the animals.  I am best with penguins because I know what food they eat, the climate and how they live!  I would also like to be a night zoo keeper because I could learn everythign about your world and about your names.  i could also see every animal from flying unicorns to silly sasquatches and see your world.  So if you elect me you will not regret it, so elect me as the night zookeeper and I can help you and your world out.

Georgia 100wc

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I can keep all the animals safe from the monsters of Nilth.

I can have epic adventures and once in a while I would like to go on time travelling elephants or spying giraffes.

Nilth will not get the night zoo animals because I will be there to rescue them.

It would be fun to work for the night zoo because it sounds exciting.  I used to work for  a zoo.

Amelie 100wc

Nilth is not going to get the animals. 
It is very fun to look after animals, that is what I want to do
Going on a big adventure looking for animals. 
Horses in the sea and save them to look after them. 
To the night zoo keeper I would do it.
Zoos are nive because you get to look after them. 
Our country hasn’t got that many zoos that’s why. 
Our people love zoos and that’s a good thing.
Keep animals safe.  I will do that. 
Accept all the challenges,  I will do that. 
Explain all the rules I can do that. 
Please give me things to do and I shall do it.

Harrison 100wc

I would love to be a night zoo keeper so I can travel in the night world.  Only a couple of people have been in the different world.  I’m good with animals and I could be better.  The monster of Nilth will be stopped if I became a night zoo keeper.  these animals are different from any in the otehr world, I would be on high alert for anything that shows up.  I’ll never let the night zoo down. 

Rosie 100wc

I would like to be a night zoo keeper becasue I am good with animals and I am brave in the dark.  I want to fight the Nilth and save the animals.  The Nilth is big bad and scarey but I am going to beat it.  The night zoo keeper, I would love to help you even though I am only eight.    The night zoo keeper I am so exciting to be a night zoo keeper.

From Rosie

George M 100wc

I think I should be a night zoo keeper because I loved playing with all the sweet animals.  Even if we don’t defeat the ugly scum of Nilth first time we can use the time travelling elephants to go back and destroy Zerg and his elite army.  Also if we lose the first time that will be good so we can pick up on our mistakes.  When we beat the enemy we can spend more time with the mystical animals of the night.  Imagine leaping over the high walls of the different enclosures of the animals on the leaping rhino’s back.  This is why I want to be a night zoo keeper.  Do you want to be defeated by the men of Nilth?