Forest forge curten razor by Ben

On the 19th of march clatford went to forest forge to do a curten razor for the battle lines it is a ww1 and ww2 show about soldirs in ww1 and evacues in ww2. the cutrten razo was verry scary but we did it then we wached the ww1 show and the ww2 show.


One thought on “Forest forge curten razor by Ben

  1. Hi Ben
    Before I say the things I like about your writing I need to have a quick nag! Did you check your spellings or ask your talk partner to do that for you? You must do this in future please.

    Well done for writing about our Curtain Raiser, you were all fab! I can imaginehow nervous you all were but I know that you really enjoyed it! Which of the plays did you enjoy watching afterwards?

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