100wc by jenifer

Night Zookeeper

If I was the Night Zookeeper…
I would fight the menacing monsters from the unknown land of Nilth,
I would get rid of them all, because they are all just like dirty filth,
I would destroy them once and for all,
I would make their population fall,
I would make them never come back for centuries to come,
Not one of them would make it past me, not one would be my chum!

I would do all this if I was the Night Zookeeper. So, how about it???
By Jennifer


2 thoughts on “100wc by jenifer

  1. Jennifer
    What an original idea! Writing as a poem is great, makign it rhyme AND make sense is even better! It’s not an easy thing to achieve is it? The repetitiveness of your opening of each line is also a clever technique to use.
    You should feel very proud of your achievements this week!
    Miss T

  2. There is some great writing here . . .

    The repeated start to each sentence works really well and the rhyming makes it lovely to read.

    Some good word choices also makes it very clear what you want the reader to see in their mind’s eye.’population fall’ and ‘menacing monsters’are both good and the alliteration helps with the rhythmic feel of the poem.

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