100wc by oliver

If I was the night zoo keeper…

I would swing through the trees, protecting the magnificent animals like the time travelling elephants and the spying giraffes. The monsters of Nilth wouldn’t stand a chance against me! I will destroy the monsters and I won’t be beaten by a world without any imagination or creativity. If I was the night zoo keeper, one day there will be no monsters left. I will become the night zoo keeper, I WILL!!!!


3 thoughts on “100wc by oliver

  1. Hi Oliver
    I really like the tone of your writing. The thought of the monsters not standing a chance against you is very powerful. I wonder if you have managed to persuade the Night Zookeeper?
    Miss T

  2. I love your sentence about a world without imagination or creativity. It created a vivid image in my mind that made me want to read more.

    Just a small suggestion – please make sure that you maintain the same verb tense throughout your text. It will make it even more exciting to read.

    Well done!

  3. Oliver, this is great. Your writing has a great flow and is full of playful language. Your passion for the job is evident throughout your writing, well done!

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