best job ever

Saving the night zoo from the evil ferocious monster from Nilth is my mission so pick me for the job. I will violently block their path with super powerful gadgets like laser guns, invisibility cloaks, teleportation pads and much more. Weird but cool animals will be by my side and with their very own powers we can save the zoo. I can work incredibly hard keeping the animals safe by feeding them magical fruit energizing their powers .returning the magnificent animals in their rightful habitat. I will give them a peaceful place to sleep with family.
Hire me for the job!


One thought on “best job ever

  1. Arron,
    I think that your title is great, it really sets your writing up and makes the reader know exactly what your thoughts are before they even begin to read! You have used some great vocaublary, I love the extra detail like the invisibiliy cloak and teleportation pads. This all adds up to a very interesting piece to read.
    Miss T

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