Alex 100wc

I would like to be a nightzookeeper because I am looking forward to the epic journeys.  Slashing your sword at those nasty beasties and send them where they belong.  It is also good to be a zoo keeper because you can get to say hello to them and feed them and look after them.   You even get to sometimes know the animal’s names.  And you also get to stand up to the animals and save them.  So it’s good to be a zoo keeper, because you get payed, liked and get to have some fun.


3 thoughts on “Alex 100wc

  1. There are some good reasons here for wanting to be a worker at the Night Zoo. You should also think of the skills and qualities that you have which would be beneficial in this role. Well done for taking part in the 100 Word Challenge this week.

  2. Hello Alex,
    What a great entry to this 100 Word Challenge. You have really put forward some excellent reasons to hire you. I love your use of descriptive language and your puncutation is spot on! It is very clever of you to include a summery of skills at the end of your work to make sure that the reader really understands you. Your next step is to use some of your lovely vocabulary as sentence openers too.

    Keep up the great work Alex, you a are a great writer.

  3. Hi alex, this is is a very good peas of writeing ceap up the good work its i like your puchuation.

    By BC

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