a letter to a teacher

The wreck of Zanzibar
To miss miles,
What happened is that Laura found a turtle which
has been washed up.
The turtle was painted with a bright green shell with yellow eyes and it has been carved wood. It was off of the head of the ship.
Billy said it was off the Zanzibar.
Laura said if it’s off of the Zanzibar, it would be Billy’s, wont it.
My favourite character is Billy.
From Kayleigh


This week in Clatford

On Tuesday 1st of April the class went to their local church. Learnt about Passover and Eucharist they were told many things to do with Jesus and him rising from the tomb. Sacrificing himself for the wellbeing of others. We also asked about the story of pass over with the death angle coming down and killing all the Egyptians children to save the Jewish, but reveron Jonathan told us that was a hole other story. So that was our time up. We went back to school.


This is to miss miles
In class, my friends and I have been reading a book called wreck of the Zanzibar.
It a very good book by Michel Morpergo the book is about the Sicily islands and a girl called Laura. I don’t want to spoil the book but my best corrector is Granny may she is a bit strange but always right. I would recommend this book to people who like drama, sadness and adventure
It’s a good book by Arron

The wreck of the zanzibar

To Miss Miles
This is what happened in the Zanzibar. Well, Billy still does not talk to Dad. One day, when Laura woke, there were loads of people on the beach. They had found a Turtle but, when Laura and Billy went down, they said it was wooden because it had a green shell and some of the paint had come off. Then Billy sat down next to it. It came from the Zanzibar. Billy and Laura took the wooden turtle and put it in their garden. from Oliver

book review

Book review.
I have been reading when Hitler stole pink rabbit it was a bit boring at the beginning but I have persevered and pushed through and finally finished it. I am writing a book review for a teacher who has left and was reading this book with me. I really liked: the way it ended except for oncle Julius committing suicide.
I disliked: the beginning because it tended to drag on a bit.

Anyone else who has read when hitler stole pink rabbit plese comment on what you thought about it.



On Tuesday Clatford class went to Winchester to weeke church to learn about the Passover meal. We did other things like trying some of the food that they would off used in the meal. When the Egyptians wanted all of the Jewish children dead, the death angel would Passover the Jewish children’s homes and kill them, that’s where the Passover word comes from.

school trip to church (by HL)

On Tuesday year5/6 went to Winchester for are R.E topic. we know that easter is coming up, so we are lerning about the story of eater also we met some of the important people like the soldiers that were garding Jesus’s toomb. Before that we tasted some food from the passover meal and the last super. We asked questions for ever one that we met like ” when was the last time you saw Jesus?”

church by George M

On Tuesday 1 April, Clatford class went to Weeke church in Winchester. We learned all about the Passover meal that Jesus and his disciples attended. The word Passover comes from an Egyptian word. When the Egyptians wanted to kill all the Jewish children, the death angel killed all the children who did not have a blood cross on their door.

My Diary By George M

My diary
Dear diary
Today we got closer to the front line. We had a lot of action; we had some shells coming over from German trenches. It was quite scary because we lost some men from the front line. I can’t wait till it’s all over because the Germans are the same as us just a bunch of boys who have been chosen to go to war. I wonder if they are writing their diaries as well. Abruptly the sound of Germans guns rang through the air. I dropped my gun but I thought I had enough time to pick it up but I didn’t. Was it the end of my life?

Exploding world HL

In May 1915 Germany had taken over parts of France but British troops had got an idea. They were trying to dig tunnel under the Germans and explode them from underground. It was tricky carrying bombs beneath the ground; many lost their lives by bombs suddenly blowing. I was 19 in the war and I had to take bombs under the Germans. I had just put the bomb down when they pushed the trigger but I thought I had enough time. As I got out, my legs were blown straight off. My war time has come to an end