Unicorn time ameliew 100wc

A long time ago, in Arndell a young unicorn was born. The king and queen called her Elsa, two years later another unicorn was born and it was called Anna. Three years after Anna was born Elsa got ice powers. Anna and Elsa wanted to go ice skating. Suddenly they had to go to a party. Elsa shouted, “But I thought i had enough time to make skates.” As Elsa looked out of her window .Everyone was outside having fun. Elsa ran down the stairs outside. They were singing and dancing and laughing. 2 days later in the afternoon it was time to have dinner .Two minutes later I was finished. Some people had gone to bed.


3 thoughts on “Unicorn time ameliew 100wc

  1. Having ice powers would be very cool, wouldn’t it? Just like in the movie “Frozen.” You might consider changing the last 3 sentences, they have little to do with the story. You could talk about the party or about how they went ice skating afterward. Good story, keep writing!

  2. Hello Amelie
    I’d love to see ice-skating unicorns! I like how you have used some of the ideas from the movie and mixed them in with your own. To make your writing even better, keep reading back to make sure that what you have written makes sense and that the ideas flow.
    Keep on writing!
    Mrs Ower (Team 100WC
    Costa del Sol, Spain

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