chick names

Everyone wants to name the chicks different things so we made a box for everyone to put names in. then we will pick a random one and that will be the chicks name.And ill tell you what the chick will be called in my next post.


Chicks by Jennifer M


imageIn our school on the 30th May, our school had 1 new arrival… A BABY CHICK! since then 4 more chicks have hatched and they are now moving into a cage at one end of the school.

There is a special box where you put in names that you think the chicks should be called. Some of the most popular names are Mario and Luigi!!

By Jennifer

Chicks by Tilly

We Have new arrivals! On the 30th of April our school had a new experience. We had a group of eggs ready to become new chickens. Most of us have been excited for a number of months and finally we have some! The eggs are very slowly rocking in a incubater it gives the job of a mother hen.

By Tilly





imageWe are now are hatching chicks for our school.We have 20 eggs that we are hatching in an incubator.The incubator slowly rocks back and forth lick its mother did.We all hope that they will hatch.We give them water so they can  stillhave a drink.

100Wc By J.Mc The Emergecy

“Emergency, emergency” came a voice from the gloomy corner. Dr. Bill looked in the corner and saw shiney glasses staring at him. He sighed and looked away. “There is a catastrophy at a Californian beach.” As he got closer his boss whispered “The bee has landed”…

 As Dr. Bill got to the beach he got a glimps of a bee and the bee fainted with shock. He was colosal! Waves crashed against his black and yellow fur as photographers took pictures and put them in Dr. Bills hand. ” I wonder what happened to him?”


100 wc by Jennifer M



“Emergency! Emergency!” boomed the colossal speaker in the corner of the white room. Exhausted, Dr Green swivelled slowly round, with a tired frown, to face the corner. All he wanted at that moment was to doze peacefully off to sleep in his warm, cosy bed back at home…

Suddenly another voice jerked him back to reality. “Dr Green, I need you to assemble a small crew of just you and three other spectacular scientists to fly away to scorching California. I hate to tell you this, Dr, but the mighty bee has landed.” Dr Green gasped.


Buzz Buzz

Just then there was a knock at the door.”come in” sighed Doctor Eden.Doctor Eden was one of those stirn and moany people who was never bothered about anything.”Doctor Eden,Doctor Eden we need you and your accomplice to go to brooklee, for a giant space hornet has landed!!!          “Its only a silly little insect” replied Doctor Eden.But then his boss showed him some photos the locals had taken and he was actually the size of 5 double decker busses.He and his accomplice set of to brooklee and sure enough they found it.But just as they found it,it began to move.