It was not a dream – kayleigh

Today was a regular day at school. I was telling my friends about the muppets show. Everyone laughted her heads off. When I got home I was in a grumpy mood because someone was`nt home yet. I heared a terrible knocking from downstairs. I decided to take a closer look, when I opened the cupboard door
………”BOOOOOOOOOO” and all of the Muppets came out.

“Waka waka waka” yelled fozzy bear. “hello there” kermet the frog “do`nt mind if we stay here”
“of couse” I said.
I started jumping around like a loonatic.
Mum came walking in saying “hello” mum saw the muppets, mum dropped the bags, milk splashed across the floor. Mum eyes started watering. “Can they stay for the night”
“of couse”. And it was the best day ever.
from kayleigh


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