zombie cat -morgan

I woke up it was the 6th of October ,my alarm went off at six it was 5:07.I crawled out of bed and put on my dressing gown on , it was a crisp Autumn morning. The dew dappled the grass giving it a nice shining effect . I was still half awake, my eyes were heavy with the lack of sleep. I suddenly heard mysterious noise coming from inside the cupboard, I cautiously tip toed towards the cupboard with my base ball bat. there stood a grey cat but as I turned away I suddenly realized it was zombie cat … and it had infected me         


4 thoughts on “zombie cat -morgan

  1. To Morgan. I really like your story and the description but some of it doesnt make sense like where it says that your alarm went off at 6 and it 5:07 and also when it said that you were still half awake but i think you meant half asleep!
    From Jennifer

  2. I like your descriptions, Morgan, and I love the surprise about the zombie cat at the end. Perhaps to clear up confusion, you could say you woke at 5:07, even though your alarm goes off at six.

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