100 wc Emergency by Holly .W

“Emergency, emergency! “came a voice from the cellar I wondered what it was. Nervously I opened the door it was almost like a space station. In the corner of the room I could see to men in a long white coat I think they were scientists. Silently I listened into their scientific confiscation. Apparently they had to go to the dessert to find this amazing new creature. Suddenly they rushed out of there door and were on their way to the dessert. Finally they arrived and started to search. One of the scientists yelled “quick! Look! It’s a giant bee.


2 thoughts on “100 wc Emergency by Holly .W

  1. Hello Holly, I enjoyed reading your response to the prompt. The opening really grabs the reader’s attention. Well done for choosing some super wow words too. When you finish writing, make sure you read through and make sure you have used correct punctuation etc.

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