100wc by catie

spring cleanout

pretty blue bells blew in the wind as

Ryan the bumble bee flew over to

investigate the violet couloured blue bells

not knowing that  the owner of the blue bells

grumpy  John was close by. He was putting

cool water over other plants near by

looking around him he

edged towards the gourgous red

Asters located by the

nasty stinging nestle bush on the other side of the garden

obiously he wanted the pollen out of the

unexplainably beautiful flowers the only thing to do was

try and get there he tried he failed and that is why we are here at his funeral today.


4 thoughts on “100wc by catie

  1. Aww, what a shame that we’re at Ryan’s funeral Catie, but the way you arrived there was wonderfully written. Your description of the flowers was carefully detailed and really made them come alive. Were you aiming for a poetic feel by laying it out in this way?
    I wonder how Ryan met his end … and whether grumpy John was responsible?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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