A Hotel By Tilly

After a long  journey on the aeroplane, I finally reached my destination. The Hotel was, of course, a special one because I can’t bare the Premier inn. The Hotel I was staying in was a posh one where the guards would only let you in if you had a splendid outfit.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Finally I arrived! The sun was beaming down on the leopard skinned rug showing the sparkles of my new dress. I thought it would be a good time to get a tan by lying down on a rich sun bed. Gradually I made my way to the scorching beach but it was far too hot.



The sand mission!!!


Just as the helicopter landed in the desert they reminded me my mission was to solve the mystery of the sand creature and not to go sunbathing! Then the helicopter put me down and flew away. Now, I bet your wondering what sand creature? There had been odd bulges moving through the sand and I had to find out what it was! Anyway,  I passed many dunes on the way there, then finally I found it, either that or it found me!!! It was charging through the sand now heading straight for me! I tried to run but it was far too hot! That second it jumped out of the sand at me but turned out to be a school of sandworms!!!

 By Beau

100 wc by Jennifer


As I stepped out of my luxurious private plane, I was confident that I would win. After all I was no ordinary tennis player; I was Nordak Djokavic, the world number 1! The other players had better watch out because I was in it to win it and I would do whatever it takes to go home to the Czech Republic as the reigning Wimbledon champion!!!

It was the day of the most important match of the year – the Wimbledon Final! Me and my opponent were both desperate to win by playing our best games but it was far too hot.


Victory , here I come!!!!

Today at the beach in italy By Ben

 Today at the beach

Oh it was nice

Dad had fun too

At the hotel I fell asleep

Yesterday we went to the party buffet


At the hotel we had breakfast

The nicest food was the tortillas


The beach was 84*c

Holidays are great sometimes

Except in winter


But it was far too hot

At the pools

Except the one outside

Called the cool pool

Have I got anything else to say?


In the subject yes I have

Not the beach…. ‘ITALY’


Italy is wonderful

Today we had tortillas

At the shop I got a post card

Lola, my mum loved the tortillas

Yesterday we left

Pompeii by J.Mc


As I sat down in the dark corner, hugging my legs, the ground shook like it never had before.  I stood up.  Ash lay everywhere; people were screaming.  Lava gushed down Mount Vesuvius as I got to the door.  I was standing there with a blank face.  Stones were hurling from the sky, hitting people on the head. Lava filled the streets. I tried going out but it was far too hot so I sprinted to the attic.  It was dark.  I heard bangs and rumbles which deafened me.  I wondered what would happen next. Then I noticed lava leaking  into the room…

India 100wc by georgia

So far in India I have had a great time. The markets sell silks, wheat and very fine jewellery and lots of other things. It is very hot and sunny in India. They are very poor and only the rich people can buy ox`s and the poor people can buy none. We wanted to walk on the streets but it was far too hot because we might have got burnt and didn’t bring the sun cream. They have got lots of interesting animals in India such as: elephant, lizard and snake. Hope you have a lovely summer holiday.

Area sports by Jennifer and Amelie

This afternoon 3 people from year 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 are going to area sports at King Somborne School.

There are going to be lots of different schools there and everyone who goes there will participate in about  2 races.

Last year we lost but this year we should win because we have a good team.

All of our people are very good at all sorts of sports.When we know which place we came {hopefully 1st!} we will write it on the blog so if you  want to know keep checking!