The sand mission!!!


Just as the helicopter landed in the desert they reminded me my mission was to solve the mystery of the sand creature and not to go sunbathing! Then the helicopter put me down and flew away. Now, I bet your wondering what sand creature? There had been odd bulges moving through the sand and I had to find out what it was! Anyway,  I passed many dunes on the way there, then finally I found it, either that or it found me!!! It was charging through the sand now heading straight for me! I tried to run but it was far too hot! That second it jumped out of the sand at me but turned out to be a school of sandworms!!!

 By Beau


One thought on “The sand mission!!!

  1. Wow – what an engaging 100wc Beau!

    You have controlled your sentences well and I could really hear your ‘voice’ as a reader. You have built up a detailed description and you built suspense too. I was relieved it was just a school of sandworms but unfortunately, I don’t know what sandworms look like so I would have liked even more description.

    This is a well written 100wc so well done Beau!

    Mrs Tunnicliffe
    Riders Junior School
    Havant, Hampshire, UK

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