sudden death (by a cat) – morgan

I was running for my life as the giant animal called sneaker chased after me. Sneaker was a colossal cat once born in a small country side she had lived in the barn with her mother for twelve weeks. Sneakers was the feeblest kitten in her litter, she had two strong handsome brothers but they were ripped away from the family at the age of six weeks old. All sneakers wanted was someone to play with. The forest seemed alive as a zoo with sounds as I zoomed my face beaded with sweat I yelled to myself I will not become a cats toy but sneakers was fast and she caught up she jumped up and landed in front I skidded to a halt…


2 thoughts on “sudden death (by a cat) – morgan

  1. What an exciting story, full of action and fast-paced! You came up with a great idea, I like the idea of an enormous cat chasing after you so he can have a plaything. The last part of your writing is missing some punctuation. Can you see anywhere a comma or full stop could go? It would make it easier for the reader to make sense of what’s going on. Great effort, keep up the good work!

  2. I like your story morgan because of the beginning. Were you said I like the part I was running for my life. But check one thing, you have said sneaker and then you put sneakers. Just a reminder for you. Good story!

    By Jace.M

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