Little red riding hood was galloping down the forest path to her grandma. She wanted to visit her grandma because she  was ill. There were oak and birch trees everywhere! You could barely see anything except branches but since there was the path you can just manage to find your way through the woods. Suddenly there was a loud rustle of branches. Her heart was racing and the forest seemed alive as if there was something in the darkness following her! She wished she listened to everyone, she wished she never set foot into the forest but it was done, it was already after her…

By Beau


One thought on “woods

  1. Hi Beau I really like this story and you seem to have thought a lot about the best way to use the prompt. I especially like the vocabulary you have chosen with words like ‘rustle’ and ‘racing’ and the repetition of ‘she wished’. These words very much help to build an atmosphere of suspense. Well done!

    Jacqui (Team 100)

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