One Proud Teacher!

Today I can announce that we have…not one…..not two….but THREE pieces of work showcased for 100wc this week. Massive congratulations to Holly, Oliver and Morgan. You are AMAZING!



7th October 2014
Suddenly I was able to see again. For several minutes the frothing water had completely blinded me. Now, as my sapphire eyes adjusted to the sudden light, I looked ahead. I had never seen anything quite like it. The view was incredible.
The carpet of lush green grass had small blurs of colour where the beautiful flowers had burst through. Beyond that, I could see a vast crystal-clear ocean with yachts bobbing up and down.
Then I felt a sudden tingle creep up my body. I knew it was time…

100 Wc By J.Mc River

Suddenly I was able to see again. Water was pouring down in front of me. When I realised what it was, it was it was too late!
There were limestone rocks everywhere; a wild jungle was all around me .Swaying trees bent over looking down at me. The currant of the river pulled me back. I tried to swim upstream but it was too strong.
Fish flew past me as I was heading down the thin stream. Suddenly it got so shallow that I could stand on my knees. I struggled out, just in time. The river gushed down to a steep waterfall.

100 wc morgan

Suddenly I was able to see again, before me was the view that looked like a fantasy world. There was clear blue water running down into a frothy waterfall. The rocks below were being bathed with the bubbling hot spring water.

As I looked down my face was drowned with the hot steam. At the bottom of the pool you could see fish leaping out of the water. I was so overwhelmed with the view I almost slipped in. All I could think of was how I was going to get across to get to the aeroplane, back to civilisation.

arron 100wc

Suddenly was able to see again! It was a miracle from the lord. At that very minute I saw mount Nikki
i. Then I realised it was my destiny to climb it, but how?

After a couple of days I gathered the equipment I needed. A rope, boots, warm clothes and a camera. I stared at the sun rise my destination the peak. It was dangerous and crazy but I did not give up. I stopped at a cave to eat and rest.

I was about five yards away but I tripped and lost my rope. I took a leap. I made it to the peak. It was stunning!


100 word challenge
2014 7th of October
Suddenly I was able to see again. After all these years in the darkness ,I finally stepped into the light.I had found my paradise!
A shallow lake,fish jumping up and down.So quiet,such calmness,it was so peaceful!
Rose and Lilac dancing in the sunshine.Besides all this there was a small waterfall with a silent yet beautiful river at he bottom.In the distance I saw a mountain with a light blanket of snow at its peak.
White cliffs on the side of my paradise island,I wish this moment could last forever but it was time to go.

100 wc by oliver

Suddenly I was able to see again! After all these months of darkness I could actually see light . While my eyes were adjusting to the bright light of the sun I could hear water trickling down the slimy limestone.
Just then, my eyes focused clearly and I saw an astonishing landscape! There were dazzling, multi-coloured flowers everywhere and the water was glistening in the golden sunlight . I caught sight of deer drinking out of the calm river. Birds were singing in the tree tops . I could see fruit trees! As I was starving, I ran to get some fruit.
By Oliver

100 wc by gn

Suddenly I was able to see again! The darkness had gone away. The sight I saw before me was bright light which blinded me but now it was beautiful.
I saw a clear, glass-like river as the sun reflected on it. There was a glossy green tree and a shiny brown bench near the riverbank. Some mist was hanging above a tree.
As I walked around I saw lots of rivers, mountains and waterfalls. I sat down on the bench and sighed sleepily.
I soon fell asleep in the warm sun. As soon as I woke I felt a tingling from head to toe; it was time to go home.

100wc Holly

Suddenly I was able to see again. It was the most wonderful sight I had ever seen the water was rushing down the slippery mossy stones. There was a tree hanging over the crystal clear lake and the leaves were slowly falling from the trees branches and drifting away in the waters current.

I could hear the water from the waterfall splashing into the river and the birds in the sky singing. There were little sized stones blocking the river making little waterfalls in the river. I could smell the fresh water from the river. The mist was gathering together above the scene.


Calshot was amazing we went sailing, kyaking,rock climbing and much more. When we went to sleep we could hear the waves pulling itself into the land. It was so much fun ! We even got to splash Mrs C in the sea!

by JMc and  RW