morgan 100 wc

He was shocked to find a small creature cowering inside the sack. A creature with golden fur, a beautiful dark mane and small silky wings, it was a baby manicore. The manicore immediately growled in a small voice. Lord Nulth laughed darkly “you mean to tell me this puny creature wanted to come to the night zoo”. The manicore leapt up at him tearing at his face with his claws. The manicore managed to cling on to lord nulth’s arm and climbed up to find a power button on his forehead. Lord Nulth screamed then reduced into a pile of scrap metal.


Big Batty

He was shocked to find a big black creature with enormous wings and deadly dagger like fangs. It hissed at the Lord of Nulth, the creature flapped its wings and flew off into the midnight sky. In the distance the Lord of Nulth could see that the creature’s mouth was wide open, a flaming fireball came out and hit the Lord of Nulth. His mask came off “AAAHHH” he shouted, and the Bat like creature flew away. The Lord of Nulth was left with nothing but his face and brain exposed to the moonlight shining down.

What is it? 100wc amelie

He was shocked to find a tremendous Eagle. It was gigantic, bigger than a fist plunging into your heart. Wings flapping furiously as it pushed it’s way out, the beak was yellower than the sun , pecking the fingers of lord of mnulth. Claws sharp as a knife daggering into your arm. Brown and white feathers blowing everywere in the room . Eyes gazing into the dark blue into the eyes of lord of nulth . Nothing was going to stop lord nulth. The world was over.

100wc SHOCKED by harry d

He was shocked to find one of his robots it was so astonishing he stumbled back and dropped the remote that controls his evil minions, and they spun out of control .All of them jumped at the lord but he was too fast. He ran outside in chase .All of his robots seemed to be waiting for him they were all on the city rooftops. His claws seemed to be getting sharper with his mood, “Why are you doing this, “He yelled “it’s not like you!” He had to run or get the remote that controlled his army but that was impossible they were still filtering out but before he decided HE WAS DEAD!


He was shocked to find … an animal that was small, pink and had light blue eyes. He picked it up, it was a baby! The lord stumbled back in surprise, he dropped the baby and it started screaming noisily. He had a plan. He told his robots to let all of the animals go and take them back to the night zoo so he could destroy the night zoo and the animals ,at the same time and the baby could work for him. Later that day he ordered “ put the bomb in and light it.”

The Lonley Dog

The Lord of Nulth was shocked to find a dog that was filthy.
As it was dragged off the floor it tried to scramble away
but it couldn’t. The Lord Nulth grabbed the dog and threw
it into a steel cage. The brown and white dog gazed at
The Lord and Lord gazed back. The cage door was tied on by
a piece of string so the dog nibbled the string and escaped!
He ran outside! As The dog sprinted down the street
the robots were ordered to chase and execute him.

By Robert

Jono 100wc

He was shocked to find a lion cub in the bag crying in pain. It was the size of a normal cub but it will grow into a grown lion in two or three years. But Nulth laughed.  “What is the cub going to do?” Questioned Nulth. But then the cub jumped on Nulth and held on to Lord Nulth.  He was so scared that he was screaming.  The cub was scratching him from his chest to his head.  The cub was looking for an off button on his neck or head but it was still scratching him until Lord Nulth will be made into a pile of scrap metal.

Jennifer’s 100 wc

100 word challenge
He was shocked to find a blinding-white creature with glinting eyes, as red as blood, staring up at him. Slowly the creature opened its mouth giving the Lord of Nulth a horrifying glimpse of its razor sharp fangs. Its huge cat-shaped body swivelled round until it was face to face with the lord.

Suddenly the creature snarled. From behind it, hundreds of robotic spiders marched forwards.
“W…What have you done to my precious spiders?” shrieked the lord, clutching his head in horror.
“Well, it was simple really. All I had to do was creep into your warehouse and change the system on your spare spiders. Now, I order you to go and leave us animals alone,” declared the creature and with that the lord vanished…

100wc Shocked by J.Mc

He was shocked to find a circular head at the top of the bag. Its mouth was full of white sharp white teeth , which made him look like a shark ,red eyes watching every movement. Whatever it was it had stained purple blood. Its hands had wolverine like claws and he had scales all over it head to toe. A bit like half wolverine half snake. It sounded like it had scuba gear on. The Lord of Nulth stepped back he stopped he stared. The monster slivered out. He swiped with one hand. the creature was gone.

by James A 100wc

He was shocked to find that there was a wolf in the sack. A big teenaged one with lean, muscly legs, jet black fur and ruby red eyes. The Lord ordered his guards to leave him and the wolf alone. The animal terrified as it should be this man had obviously no trouble killing anything. “I wonder why you are here wolf” he sniggered “I think I should give you name oh I now Shadow Kill since you killed many of my robots”. The wolf (Shadow Kill) wasn’t liking this at all he need to escape or he would die…..