100wc Amelie REMEMBER

Running towards the foe with weapons to protect us
Enemies lying down dead in front of me, not opening their eyes
Mother and fathers believing in me
Everyone falling on the ground, blood the colour of poppies
Must we fight in the war? Will we all die?
Birds still singing – it sounded like they were cheering me on
Enemies charging like the wind
Running rats wriggling in the trenches as they passed the falling soldiers
Inside of me pain is worrying me
No one is going to stop England now
Go away foe! You can’t win any more


2 thoughts on “100wc Amelie REMEMBER

  1. Amelie, this is a wonderful response to this week’s 100WC. Writing a poem is never easy but you have created just the right tone – factual, respectful and not too emotional. Writing from the point of view of a soldier can be tricky. If I did not have your details, I would have thought you were the soldier! Your careful word choices created a vivid scene for me. This is a strong piece of writing. Well done!

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