Dear family,
I’m writing from the trenches, It’s horrible out here I can see my friends dying Right in front of me .I just want you to know to remember me if I die. Please, please remember me, do you know I love I really do. Just as long as you come to my grave if I die. I love you and our son of course. If I should die could you bring poppies to my grave please because they are a sign of dead soldiers?
Please, please can you bring them?

Lots of love Arthur xx



  1. Rosie,I think you really got to the core of what this week’s prompt was about. Your words touched my heart and showed a mature understanding of a difficult issue. Remember to proofread and edit before you publish so you can catch those small, but important, corrections such as capitalization and quotation marks. It would put the finishing touch on an excellent post!

  2. Rosie You did a great job with this topic. I love that you chose the perspective of the soldier to write from. This was very sensitive way to think about and write about an important holiday.

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