100wc SHOCKED by harry d

He was shocked to find one of his robots it was so astonishing he stumbled back and dropped the remote that controls his evil minions, and they spun out of control .All of them jumped at the lord but he was too fast. He ran outside in chase .All of his robots seemed to be waiting for him they were all on the city rooftops. His claws seemed to be getting sharper with his mood, “Why are you doing this, “He yelled “it’s not like you!” He had to run or get the remote that controlled his army but that was impossible they were still filtering out but before he decided HE WAS DEAD!


2 thoughts on “100wc SHOCKED by harry d

  1. Harry, a very decisive end to your story this week. I loved some of your description, it almost felt as though you were describing the action in a film.

    Miss T

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