Jennifer’s 100 wc

100 word challenge
He was shocked to find a blinding-white creature with glinting eyes, as red as blood, staring up at him. Slowly the creature opened its mouth giving the Lord of Nulth a horrifying glimpse of its razor sharp fangs. Its huge cat-shaped body swivelled round until it was face to face with the lord.

Suddenly the creature snarled. From behind it, hundreds of robotic spiders marched forwards.
“W…What have you done to my precious spiders?” shrieked the lord, clutching his head in horror.
“Well, it was simple really. All I had to do was creep into your warehouse and change the system on your spare spiders. Now, I order you to go and leave us animals alone,” declared the creature and with that the lord vanished…


6 thoughts on “Jennifer’s 100 wc

  1. I love this piece of writing.What happens next? I can see you checked your writing. Good luck on winning.
    from catie

  2. Hi Jennifer, that story is good. It is the best story I have read at the moment.
    This time do a little bit better.
    do the best WRITING THAT YOU CAN DO.


  3. Well done Jennifer, you have really continued the story amazingly. I like how you have made all of the lords own creatures turn against him. where did the lord of nulth go?
    keep up the great work! 🙂

    from Beau

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