morgan 100 wc

He was shocked to find a small creature cowering inside the sack. A creature with golden fur, a beautiful dark mane and small silky wings, it was a baby manicore. The manicore immediately growled in a small voice. Lord Nulth laughed darkly “you mean to tell me this puny creature wanted to come to the night zoo”. The manicore leapt up at him tearing at his face with his claws. The manicore managed to cling on to lord nulth’s arm and climbed up to find a power button on his forehead. Lord Nulth screamed then reduced into a pile of scrap metal.


3 thoughts on “morgan 100 wc

  1. The description you give of the manicore is great- I could really see it in my head. Great punctuation made your 100WC easy to read and some fantastic adjectives made it interesting. Good work- keep it up.
    Fiona (Team 100WC)

  2. Well done Morgan I like how you used good vocabulary to describe the manicore. But I think if you added another sentence it could of made a great time for a cliff hanger.

    Well Done!

    By J.Mc

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