100wc showcase

Congratulations once again to Holly who had her 100 word challenge writing showcased this week.  All of the class crafted wonderful pieces of writing inspired by an abandoned ship and could all have easily been chosen.  The reader, Greg from Australia, was impressed with Holly’s word choices, what do you think?Special%20Showcase

Miss T


Stockbridge school.By Demi

Stockbridge is a lovely school it is small but still is big.  If you have a brother or sister you will see them because of the Playground.  Our head teacher is called Mrs Jeffries.  There is 6 classrooms mostifont clatford sprat and winkle horsebrige

morgan 100 wc

I couldn’t believe my eyes…
There it was one of lives greatest mysteries just washed up on California beach but nobody cared. The titanic perched amongst the rocks, gently swaying in the breeze. Rust smothered the rocks in a blanket of orange. I couldn’t contain my excitement, every microscopic spec intact (except from the glass panes but that didn’t matter). I was quite surprised that no one looked and stared open mouthed. So there I was marvelling at its beautifulness, looking like someone who took an interest in things no one liked or cared about, all but me (whose mind was blown).

Jennifer 100wc


As I lay there, listening to the gentle sound of the waves lapping against my body, I remember the last time I sailed on the glistening sea.
It was a stormy night and I couldn’t control myself. Then I saw it. I hit the iceberg with such force that I began to stagger along the surface of the ocean, fighting with all my might to keep above the dark depths. Tossing and turning, I used up every inch of my remaining power to surge up onto the rocks. My eyes closed drowsily. I was so exhausted that all I could do was lay there, sprawled lifelessly on the boulders, until help arrived…
But I am still here.

By Jennifer

By gn 100wc

There I sat in the shade of the ship and I could hear the lapping of the waves against the cold, hard wood. A steady breeze blew the water onto me. The cool water reminded me of my time sailing the dark, salty seas how the boat glided through the water gracefully. At that moment somebody touched me on my shoulder, it was a ship member. “We have fixed the boat.” Everybody was shouting hooray. We got on the ship and sailed to the dark, rocky mountain. That was my life and after all I could still sail the seas.

100wc Hollyw

It was 1963 when I crashed and hit huge jagged rocks. Now it is 1999 and still I am here rusting away. I can feel the water crashing against my copper rusty walls and the waves gradually filling me. One day I hope someone will find me and fix me. In the meantime I will sit here all alone, abandoned and broken. I can hear the seagulls calling each other to play. People are starting to gather around me, taking photos and writing articles about me. I am famous once more and will never be lonely again.

Ameliew Todays News 100wc

Today’s news
4th June 1826
The breaking news today. Something happened amazing down at the beach. A gigantic ship appeared from nowhere. All the people on the beach could hear rocks heating the ship that was wrecked on the sand. I could see rust disintegrate the ship, on the bottom of the ship and on the rocks there was mould spreading everywhere. I looked at the boats name it was the most beautiful name Zanzibar, I felt amazed to find myself standing next to the famous ship. How did it get there? What was it like inside? How will it back into the water?

The man with no face by catie 100wc

Sparkling, crystal clear water reflected off the maroon patches of rust. He walked in the entrance; it was silent in there; the green seaweed was as thick as blood. The man with no face looked down to find his legs covered in eels and leaches, he yelped with pain as he fell to his feet and perished into nothing. The dark walls let out a cackle of laughter before yelling “You should have never returned; we knew the guilt would overtake you! Our master told us so; Rest in shame!” There was a long silence then a gasp for air.

100wc james

100 Word Challenge
He woke with a start. For a minute he did not know who he was or where he was. Then it all came flooding into his head like a huge tital surge. His name was Rex he was 17 and was on an expedition to discover the Mysterious Island. Then the…. Rex looked around not believing what he was seeing. He got his dairy out it was an old leather with engraved rubies at the sides he flicked through the pages until he got to page 271 and there it was the Mysterious Island. Rex jumped around like an excited little kid but when he finally came senses, where was the crew? Were they alive? He realized he was alone.

100wc by Oliver

I’ve been on this dirty rocky island for years now and I am so rusty and old that I am falling apart. I remember the days when I sailed on the Atlantic Ocean with all the sea animals and my captain. The happy days continued, however, one day my captain was fishing but he was not looking where he was going and when he looked up he thought he was going to crash so he jumped off my bow into the gloomy water. Because I am the ship, I could not steer so I became a shipwreck on this lonely island.

By Oliver