100wc Hollyw

It was 1963 when I crashed and hit huge jagged rocks. Now it is 1999 and still I am here rusting away. I can feel the water crashing against my copper rusty walls and the waves gradually filling me. One day I hope someone will find me and fix me. In the meantime I will sit here all alone, abandoned and broken. I can hear the seagulls calling each other to play. People are starting to gather around me, taking photos and writing articles about me. I am famous once more and will never be lonely again.


6 thoughts on “100wc Hollyw

  1. Hi Holly
    What a great imagination you have!
    You have given a personality to the ship and your descriptive powers have given it a life…huge jagged rocks…water crushing…copper rusting walls…abandoned and broken…famous…never be lonely again.
    Your punctuation also helped bring the story to life.
    Well done…more stories please!
    Greg T

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